Ice Fruit Smoothies
Ice Fruit Smoothies

Ice fruit smoothies require no ice. Fruit can be grown at home and frozen, bought fresh and frozen, or if need be, bought frozen.

The taste is almost overwhelmingly good. Perhaps even better, it is very quick to make. By weighing fruit and using freezer bags – each bag filled with the right quantity to make one glass – it is possible to prepare a drink in less than five minutes.

Watch How To Make Ice Fruit Smoothies

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How To Make An Iced Fruit Smoothie
How to make an ice fruit smoothie

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Ice fruit smoothies are packed full of vitamins, and by preparing the fruit in advance it avoids any valuable homegrown or shop bought fruit going to waste.

The key step is freezing the fruit before making the smoothie. The frozen fruit avoids the need for any extra ice.

Its quick and easy to lay out the fruit on a tray and pop them in the freezer for an hour.

When frozen, individual portions of fruit are weighed and separated into individual freezer bags. They can then be returned to the freezer for later use.

For the smoothie shown in the video, I am using the juice of two fresh apples. This is easy to substitute with fresh juice from a carton.

Our mini chopper does the rest. The juice is poured in first and then the the frozen fruit. After a few blasts, and a shake to check for any lumps, the smoothie is done.

From freezer to glass in less than five minutes – a vitamin packed treat ideal for children and adults.

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