Luscious Mocha Latte
Luscious Mocha Latte

If you like hot chocolate, and you like coffee, a homemade mocha latte could be just your thing!

An indulgent, rich, calorific drink that blends espresso coffee with chocolate and cream. A comforting drink to reserve for special occasions.

Please treat this recipe as a starting point. The whipped double cream can be substituted by squirty cream, garnished with additional marshmallows, or flavoured with your favourite chocolate syrup.

Watch How To Make Luscious Mocha Latte

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Luscious Mocha Latte
Luscious Mocha Latte

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Our luscious mocha latte recipe is for special occasions. Its full of calories and tastes all the better for it.

Start by grating your favourite chocolate of choice, in this case dark chocolate. The chocolate is used to garnish the drink. The next job is to prepare the double cream. Whisk this well until soft peaks are formed. Then decant into an icing bag.

Prepare some espresso coffee – I used a moka pot. Whilst the coffee is brewing, heat some milk – in the video I used a milk frother because it is fast and easy to clean. Alternatively, as no froth is required, heating in a saucepan or microwave would be fine too.

Now all is set to make the coffee – start with the espresso. Top up with hot milk leaving enough space for a cream topping. Before adding the cream, add two heaped spoonfuls of your favourite hot chocolate. Give this a really good stir to dissolve.

Next is the cream. I used an icing bag, but squirty cream would work really well too.

Finish by garnishing with the grated hot chocolate.

Enjoy in moderation!

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