Making Continental Coffees

Making Continental Coffees

Using a moka pot to make espresso coffee and a milk frother to make hot milk or hot frothed milk, it is possible to create all types of continental coffees sold in coffee shops.

What changes between the coffee types is:

  • The quantity of espresso
  • The proportions of milk to coffee
  • The size of the cups

Use the guide below to find the proportions of coffee, milk, and foam to create your favourite coffee drinks.




  • One third espresso
  • One third hot milk
  • One third milk froth

Start by adding the espresso, before filling with hot milk, and finish with the frothy foamy head. Decorate to taste with chocolate, cinnamon, or nutmeg.




  • One third espresso
  • Two thirds hot milk
  • Optional thin layer of milk froth on top

Lattes are a milky coffee, sometimes made with one shot of espresso compared to a double shot for a strong cappuccino. A mocha latte uses the same proportions, but the milk is made like a hot chocolate and topped with whipped cream and chocolate flakes.



Often served in smaller cup than a cappuccino or latte (tea cup size rather than a mug):

  • Two shots of espresso
  • Thin layer of frothy foamy milk

A strong drink with a punch of caffeine, tempered slightly with a dash of milk.


Flat White

Served in a similar sized cup to a macchiato:

  • One half espresso (often two shots)
  • One half hot milk
  • Optional thin layer of milk froth on top

A more milky version of a macchiato with a smoother taste. The coffee and milk combine together, where as with the macchiato the milk froth sits on top of the espresso layer.



Often served in small cup either as a single or double shot. Frequently sweetened with a spoonful or more of sugar:

  • One or two shots of espresso

A punchy drink with no dressing, providing an instant caffeine and sugar rush.



A classic coffee made with an espresso base and topped up with hot water. Often served in a cup rather than a mug.

  • A single shot of espresso
  • Topped up with hot water

The water helps soften the taste of the coffee.

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