Milk Frothing
Milk Frothing

An electric milk frother takes the bother away from heating milk for coffee making. With settings for hot milk or frothed milk, simply pour in the milk and a minute or so later it is ready for use.

Best of all, an electric milk frother does not overheat the milk. No more milk overflowing onto a hob. The non-stick coating makes it much easier to clean compared to scrubbing a saucepan.

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How to use an electric milk frother
Introduction to using an electric milk frothed


Premium electric cappuccino and latte makers often have a steamer attached which is used to heat milk. These machines can carry a premium price tag. Another alternative is to heat milk in a pan, which then needs to be whisked to create froth.

Investing in a milk frother provides a specialist way of creating both hot and frothed milk for use in continental coffees. A milk frother can complement your preferred way of making espresso, for example in a stove top moka pot.

Milk frothers are small, easy to clean, and cupboard friendly. The milk frother used in the video has three settings: hot foamy milk, hot milk, and cold foamed milk. Frothers come in different capacities, from small sizes providing enough milk for one cup, to others capable of providing milk for several cups at a time.

A milk frother works by the use of magnets to spin a whisk inside the heating chamber. A transparent lid provides visibility of the machine in action. Inside the milk chamber sits a removable plastic coated frame that supports a small circular whisk. The whisk spins to froth the milk, and because it is removable, it is easy to rinse the whisk under a hot tap to clean it – a process taking a matter of seconds.

Cleaning the milk chamber is also very quick to do. The milk chamber has a non-stick coating, and as the milk never reaches boiling point, the milk does not stick to the chamber’s wall.

Our milk frother has two levels. Half way up is the maximum for frothed milk to allow for expansion when heating. The second level is for hot milk – useful for making lattes and hot chocolate.

Like a cordless kettle, the milk frother sits on a base. To use, pop the whisk into the milk chamber and fill to the required level. Press the ‘on’ button and a couple of minutes later the milk is done – the frother automatically turns itself off.

The fun part is making the coffee. In the video I used a moka pot to make the espresso coffee and poured this first, followed by the hot milk, and then finally the froth which I scooped out with a plastic spoon.

Decorate with some chocolate sprinkles to complete the treat!

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