Apple Pie
Apple Pie

A delicious combination of melted apple combined with a little sugar, wrapped in a puff pastry case. Homemade apple pie is a dessert that warms and nourishes at the same time.

Apple pies are relatively easy to make, and are even easier if you purchase ready made puff pastry that simply needs to be rolled out to the right thickness, allowing you to concentrate on making the apple sauce.

Make a batch of apple pies, eat some immediately, and store the rest in an air tight container for reheating over the next few days.

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Apple Pie
How to make apple pie

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Apple pies are a warming and comforting food to enjoy during the winter months, a combination of rich apple sauce and light puff pastry.

Start by preparing the apples. These need to be peeled and cored. Chopping into chunks makes cooking easier. Add the chopped apples into a small saucepan just big enough to hold the apples.

Before cooking the apples, grate into the pan the zest of one lemon. This can be done using a grater or potato peeler.

Pour in a small amount of water to help start the cooking process, but do not add too much. The apples will also release water as they soften during cooking.

Next add a few teaspoonfuls of soft brown sugar which helps brings out the sweetness and flavour of the apples. The apples are now ready for cooking. Place over a medium heat and cover.

When the water begins to boil give the apples a good stir, cover again, and turn the heat down to a gentle simmer. Whilst the apples are softening it is an excellent time to prepare the pastry.

I used ready made puff pastry, starting by dividing it in half for easier preparation. Use plenty of flour to cover the rolling surface and rolling pin to avoid the pastry sticking.

Role out each pastry half into a large square shape. The pastry should be no thicker than half a centimetre thick. When at the right thickness, cut the pastry into squares. Trimming the edges of the pastry helps to get a nice clean edge. The trimmings can then be combined, and rolled out again, to create more squares.

Every now and then check on the apples, giving them a good stir and squashing slightly with a spoon. The apples are done when they are soft and mushy. If there is too much water, remove the lid to let the water evaporate away.

Egg wash, or glaze, helps the pies stick together. This is made from an egg and a small amount of water, which is then whisked together.

Making the pies is fun. Place a few spoonfuls of apple sauce in the centre of a pastry square. Add the egg wash around half the edge of the pastry, and then fold over the other half of the pastry to join it, wrapping up the apple sauce as you go.

Seal the pie edges gently at first by a gentle squeeze to check alignment, and then go around again to ensure the pastry is well stuck together.

Use a sharp knife to make slits in the top of the pie. These slits help steam to escape during cooking, lessening the chances of the apple sauce exploding out of the pie edges.

When all the pies are made, apply more egg wash to the top surface of the pies, either using a pastry brush or your fingers.

The apple pies take somewhere between 30 to 40 minutes in a medium oven. They are done when they are a lovely golden brown colour.

A delicious folded blanket of puff pastry containing rich apple sauce. Eat straight away, or store in an air tight container and enjoy over the next couple of days.

If you have any sauce mixture left over this makes a delicious compote to enjoy on its own.

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