Fruit Ice Lollies
Fruit Ice Lollies

Fruit ice lollies are delicious, nutritious, and a great way of using up fruit to make a healthy dessert.

Typically, lollies are made with a base of either fruit juice or natural yoghurt, and then combined with blended fruit. When choosing fruit, it is best to steer clear of fruit containing seeds, like redcurrants or white currants, unless you plan to strain the juice to remove them.

For adults, this page also contains a recipe for cider lollies.

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Fruit Ice Lollies
How to make ice lollies

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Yoghurt Lollies

For the yogurt lolly start by adding natural yoghurt to a blender and combine this with fresh or frozen fruit. If using frozen fruit, defrost before using – a microwave can really help out. Add some honey for extra sweetness – this also helps to bring out the flavours of the fruit.

Give the mixture a blast in a blender – check for lumps – and if need be stir and blast again. When you are happy with the consistency, decant into lolly moulds.

Fruit Juice Lollies

For a juice based lolly, unsweetened apple juice is fine, but making fresh apple juice in a juicer is even better.

Add the apple juice to a blender, and then add your chosen fruit. I’m using frozen fruit – there is no need to defrost it first. No honey is needed, as the apple juice is sweet enough.

As before, give the mixture a good blast in a blender checking for lumps.

Using a sieve helps to give the lolly a really smooth texture. Poor the blended mix into a sieve and use a wooden spoon to help push out all the juice, before pouring into the lolly moulds.

Cider Lollies

If you have apple juice left over, you can try making cider lollies. Similar to a shandy, mixing apple juice with cider helps dilute the alcohol and sweeten the lolly. It also makes the lolly easier to set hard.

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