Fruit Meringue Swirls
Fruit Meringue Swirls

Rather than use food colouring, these fruit meringue swirls combine the delicious crunchiness of meringues with the sweet juice of fresh fruit.

The sweetness of the meringues helps enhance the flavour of the fruit, whilst the fruit adds a novel and attractive twist to the standard white of traditional meringues.

Patience is required to make these swirls. The trick is to bake them really slowly in the oven. The reward is bite sized swirls that look and taste delicious.

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Raspberry Meringue Swirls
Raspberry Meringue Swirls

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Raspberry meringue swirls are like a biscuit treat enjoyable on their own, or they can be served to complement other desserts like cake or mousse. The fruit adds an attractive and distinctive colour to the meringue, whilst the sweetness of meringue helps enhance the flavours of the fruit – a really lovely combination.

The meringue mixture is prepared the usual way. Separate the egg white into a bowl, ensuring the yoke remains unbroken. Blend the egg white using a whisk on a low speed. Once soft peaks are formed, gradually add the sugar.

You can use washed and dried fresh raspberries, or use frozen raspberries. Add these to a chopper and give them a quick burst to blend.

Add the blended raspberries to the egg white mixture gently folding in the juice with a wooden spoon. The mixture turns a gorgeous light pink colour.

Once mixed together, spoon the raspberry meringue mixture into a piping bag fitted with a circular zig zagged nosel. This is essential to form the attractive shape of the meringue swirls.

To create the swirls, squeeze the piping bag with a constant pressure to release a blob of meringue, before lifting upwards to create a peak. It may take a couple of swirls to learn the technique, but within five minutes it is possible to fill a baking tray.

The swirls are now ready for baking. The trick to cooking the fruit swirls is to use an oven on a very low temperature, around 80 °C, with a cooking time of approximately 3 hours, but may require longer. If still soft to the touch, place back into the oven for a further 20 minutes and repeat until crisp to the touch.

This is a lower temperature than normal for meringues, but is needed as the fruit juice makes the mixture more liable to browning, which will spoil the beautiful pink colour. However, if they do brown, they should still taste nice to eat!

When done, the meringues should be crisp to touch on the outside. It does not matter if the meringues are slightly chewy on the inside as this can complement the yummy fruity flavour.

The meringue swirls will store for a few days in an air tight container.

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