Gazpacho Soup
Gazpacho Soup

Looking for a really healthy soup? Try gazpacho! A traditional and much loved soup from Spain, gazpacho soup has all the healthy associations of the Mediterranean diet.

Gazpacho is a soup enjoyed cold, and is made from raw ingredients chopped and blended together. Ideal for hot sunny summer days, but I think the soup tastes great all year round.

Gazpacho is made for dunking, ideally with a torn up baguette. Some people choose not to use a spoon at all.

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Gazpacho Soup
How to make Gazpacho soup

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Gazpacho is a classic Spanish soup. It is absolutely delicious and full of healthy ingredients, prepared raw and blended. It can be enjoyed all year round, but is at its best served chilled on warm summer days.

Fresh marjoram helps bring out the flavours of the other ingredients. It is a sun loving plant ideal for growing in pots in the garden or patio, and has delicate flowers enjoyed by bees and butterflies.

Pick a handfull of fresh stems, and wash by soaking for a few minutes in cold water. Tear the leaves off the stems, and chop roughly to start releasing the flavours.

Gazpacho is a tomato based soup. Select the best tomatoes you can find in the supermarket, or better still, from your greenhouse or allotment.

I like to remove the skin from the tomatoes to help improve the appearance of the finished soup. An easy way is do this is to add the tomatoes to a big bowl, and poor boiling water over the top.

After a couple of minutes in the boiling water, spoon out the tomatoes and allow to cool for a minute or so. Take a sharp knife and score around the circumference of each tomato, and you should find the skin is easy to peel off using your fingers.

Once all the tomatoes are prepared, they are ready for the chopper. Depending on the size of the chopper bowl or jug, you may need to do this in batches. When done, pour all the pulped tomatoes into a big bowl and set aside.

What I really love about Gazpacho is that it has a spicy, and healthy, punch to it, and this comes from the complementary ingredients.

Wash and roughly chop a cucumber, and do the same with a red pepper – I like the sweetness of red peppers over other colours. The pepper should be cut in half and deseeded.

Place the cucumber and pepper into the blender, together with the marjoram, and give these a good blitz.

Now it is the turn of the onion and garlic. I like the flavour of red onions, but shallots would work well too. Peel and roughly chop the onion, and smash the garlic to remove the skin from the cloves.

These are added to the chopper already containing the blended cucumber and pepper. After a few seconds, you should have a lovely runny mixture, similar in texture to a salsa.

Take the mixture you have just made and combine it with the tomatoes. It is now time to add the seasoning. I often prefer to leave out salt from recipes, but this is one recipe that calls for it. Add the olive oil, and finish with a splash or two of balsamic vinegar.

All the ingredients are now together in one bowl, and the final step is one last blend. Take a handheld blender, and blitz the mixture until you have a really runny consistency.

Store the soup in the fridge covered with a plate or plastic wrap. The most common way of serving gazpacho is chilled, straight from the fridge, but my preference is to remove it 30 minutes or so before serving to allow it to warm up a little – the flavour is stronger that way.

I think the soup is best served deliciously thick, tomato seeds and all, but some people opt to strain the mixture through a sieve before serving for a more runny soup.

The final gazpacho is a deliciously spiced strong tasting tomato soup, ideal for dunking with a crusty bread. It is even better enjoyed outside in the garden or patio on a warm sunny day.  Enjoy!

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