Roast Garlic Soup
Roast Garlic Soup

This roast garlic soup recipe is full of goodness and is delicious too. Roasting the vegetables brings out their sweetness, transforming the soup into a delicious treat.

Garlic is packed full of vitamins and minerals. Many people like to eat it to ward off, or recover from, colds and viruses.

If you try this soup, you may find the recipe becoming part of your regular meals, especially when the cold weather sets in.

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Roast Garlic Soup Recipe With Onion & Carrot
How to make roast garlic soup with onion and carrot

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This is no ordinary garlic soup. This is roast garlic soup, and the roasting makes all the difference. Roasting sweetens the garlic, along with the onions, and carrots, making a delicious rich, thick, and nutritious soup. Roasting also significantly reduces the smelly after effects eating garlic can have on your body, so you can enjoy the soup and still go out the next day!

Garlic is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is particularly high in vitamin C. If you like to eat garlic for health reasons, try this soup!

Garlic is easy to grow, but it does have a long growing cycle. Bulbs are planted from late autumn and germinate over the winter months, with the bulbs ready for harvesting from June onwards.

One of the best features of garlic is that many varieties store well. A wheelbarrow load can be hung to dry, and if stored in a cool environment, will last through winter.

The soup requires very little effort, but due to the roasting time in the oven, it will take about two hours to make. The wait is worth it!

Start by peeling a carrot, and remove its top and tail. However, it should not be chopped, leaving it whole will keep the carrot moist and tender after roasting.

If needed for cleaning, scrub the garlic bulb in water. The whole bulb is roasted, skin and all, to help retain the moisture during cooking. If the bulbs still have their stem, these should be cut off.

The onions are prepared in the same way. Clean and remove any flakey outer leaves, but keep some brown outer layers on the onion, as this helps the onion stew in its own juices during cooking.

Prepare a big over proof dish with a lid, by lining it with baking paper. Using paper is good, because the vegetables will not stick to it, and it avoids the need to use oil.

Add the onions and carrot to the dish, cover with a lid, and roast in the oven for about 45 minutes.

This is half the roasting time. At this point add the whole garlic bulbs to the dish, recover with the lid to help keep the moisture in, and return to the oven.

Whilst the vegetables are roasting, it is time to make the stock. I use one stock cube per soup, as this avoids it being too salty. Give the stock a good stir.

At the end of the cooking time, the vegetables do not look that different to before cooking – but they are actually deliciously soft and juicy on the inside.

Cut through the onion with a sharp knife, and tease away the soft inner flesh from the brown outer leaves. When this is done, roughly chop the onion. This makes it easier to blend the final soup.

Extracting the soft inside of the garlic is even easier. When the bulbs are cool enough to handle, break them apart with your hands. The inside of the garlic can be squeezed out like toothpaste from a tube.

You can see the soup is full of garlic!

Next take the carrot, and roughly chop it into one centimetre pieces.

Now everything is ready to make the soup. Start by pouring the stock into a large saucepan. Add the roughly chopped onions, the chopped carrot, and the deliciously soft and sweet roasted garlic.

Give the soup a quick stir, before reaching for a hand held blender. The soup is easy to blend as all the vegetables are soft and tender. Whilst blending, you will smell all the flavours of the soup, one of my favourites parts of the process.

The soup is now ready, but before serving, I like to reheat the soup on the hob to serve it piping hot. When ladling the soup into bowls, you can see its lovely thick consistency.

The soup has a wonderful sweet smell and a golden colour, thanks to the carrot. Accompany with fresh bread.

For extra flavour, I like to add a layer of grated cheese. The cheese melts inside the soup and helps to bring out all the flavours. Yummy!

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