Chocolate Banana
Chocolate Banana

This is a dessert that tastes wonderfully but looks woeful. Where as a banana split looks like party food, the blackened skin of a cooked chocolate banana is somewhat off putting.

Once the courage is summoned to try one, there is no looking back. The flesh of the banana sweetens deliciously, with the melted chocolate a delicious complement.

A dessert that is worth exercising for.

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Chocolate Banana
How to make chocolate bananas

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Although it is not possible to grow bananas on a vegetable patch(!), the mars bar was invented and is made in the UK in Slough. Chocolate bananas are full of calories, they are very quick to make, and taste addictively good.

Take a banana and top and tail it, before slicing lengthways through the banana to open it up, but without cutting all the way through.

Prepare the mars bar, or a milk chocolate bar if your prefer, by cutting it into fine slices. These slices are then inserted into the middle of the banana.

Wrap the banana in silver foil before placing in an oven set to a low to medium heat for 20 minutes.

The banana will blacken during cooking. It is important not to cook the banana too quickly to avoid spoiling the taste of the chocolate. If it needs more time, return to the oven for a few minutes more.

The dessert is ready when the chocolate is melted and the flesh of the banana is soft to a fork. It is best served straight away whilst still warm.

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