Bread Maker Pizza
Bread Maker Pizza

Using a breadmaker to make the pizza dough reduces the effort and stress of preparing pizzas. A delicious base to a pizza can transform its taste.

Making the dough in a breadmaker is an easy and stress free method. It takes less than five minutes to prepare, followed by the bread maker working time.

Once the bread maker dough is ready, it needs to be rolled out and left to rise. Finish by adding your favourite toppings before baking.

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Bread Maker Pizza
How to make bread maker pizza

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Using a breadmaker to make the pizza dough reduces the effort and stress of preparing pizzas – whilst the base itself can taste much fresher and lighter than ready made bases sold in shops.

To make the pizza dough, add all the ingredients to the bread pan. Start by adding the yeast, measure the flour and add this too, followed by a teaspoon of salt. Pour in tepid water – very cold water can slow the yeast down – before adding the olive oil. Our machine has a pizza dough setting and makes the dough in 45 minutes.

Whilst the dough is in the bread maker, prepare some greaseproof paper and sprinkle with flour.  Rolling the dough out onto greaseproof paper is a good trick, as after cooking the pizza simply slides off with no sticking.

Aim to roll out the pizza base so it is approximately 9 inches or 30 centimetres in diameter, and about half a centimetre deep.

For a really light texture to the base, the dough needs to be left to rise. A warm kitchen is ideal, an airing cupboard even better. The cooler the room the longer it will take – the target is for the pizza base to double in height.

The next stage is to add the toppings. A really thick tomato sauce helps to stick the other toppings to the base. If you plan to add meat, cook the meat first before adding to the pizza. Mark the edge of the pizza by pressing down to crimp the dough. This will help to prevent the toppings falling off.

Once the pizza is prepared, cooking time is approximately 15 minutes in a fan oven at 200 ºC. Keep a close eye on the pizza so that the base does not overcook and become too crunchy.

Two large pizzas can feed a family of four with a side salad.

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