Fried Artichoke
Fried Artichoke

The delicate crisp flesh of fried artichoke after cooking in olive oil, before sprinkling with salt, provides a summer treat to look forward to.

Like broccoli, it is the flower bud that is eaten. Pick or buy the buds when they are the size of a tennis ball.

They are a good way of enjoying a small harvest with friends and family by serving as an appetiser or side dish. A flavoursome alternative to potato chips.

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Fried Artichokes
How to make fried artichoke

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Fried artichokes are a seasonal delicacy and full of flavour. They make a great side dish or appetiser.

Globe artichokes are easy to grow. They are a perennial and a type of thistle. Apart from weeding around the base of the plant they require little care and attention. If the bush is large, tying the stems to a stake may help to avoid damage if there is a risk of strong winds.

Like broccoli, it is the flower bud that is eaten. Pick the bud when it is the size of a tennis ball.

The outer leaves of the artichoke need to be removed to get to the inner white heart. Top and tail the artichoke to remove the stiff and chewy base and any flower thistles.

Like an apple, the flesh of the artichoke blackens when exposed to air. Quickly chop the artichoke into quarters, then transfer to a frying pan. If need be, fully immerse the hearts in water to prevent them blackening before cooking. Dry them before frying.

Pre-heat the oil to a medium high heat (similar to fried eggs). Turn the artichokes constantly in the pan as they fry. The artichokes will soon start to bronze and crisp at the edges – this is when you know they are ready.

Fried artichokes have a delicious crispy texture on the outside, whilst the inside flesh has a soft, subtle flavour. Reminiscent of chips, but with more flavour and the goodness of artichokes.

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