Picnic Bread
Picnic Bread

Picnic bread is ideal for picnics, as an appetiser before a meal, an accompaniment for soup, or an afternoon snack.

Like making a pizza, the fun part is adding the toppings. The bread is then rolled up and cut into slices before baking. Two ideas for toppings are shown in the video.

Using a bread maker to make the dough saves effort. Many bread makers have a range of settings for making different doughs, breads, cakes, and jams.

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Picnic Bread
How to make picnic bread

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Picnic bread is a great alternative to sandwiches and also goes well with soup. It is fun to invent different combinations.

I use a bread maker to make the dough as it saves times and is less messy.

To the weighed flour, add the sugar, a teaspoon of salt, the packet of yeast, and the warm water. Finally, pour in the olive oil.

Whilst the bread maker was working the dough, I prepared some pesto, starting with pouring olive oil into my chopping bowl. I love basil, and it is easy to grow in the summer months. I added a large bunch and a garlic clove. To complete the ingredients, I poured in sunflower seeds and hazelnuts.

A chopper really saves time. After a quick blast, all the ingredients combine together into a thick, glorious, flavourful paste. Any pesto left over makes a tasty dip.

When the dough is ready, roll it out into a large rectangular shape. For a lighter bread, allow it to rise for 20 minutes or so.

Spread the pesto thickly over the rolled dough, and then cover the pesto with a hard grated cheese. The cheese helps the picnic bread stick together.

The dough is now ready to be rolled up, and then using a sharp knife, cut the roll into thick wedges about an inch and half wide.

Place the wedges onto a baking tray lined with grease proof paper before moving to a hot oven set at 220 ºC. After about 15 to 20 minutes the picnic bread will be ready. Delicious swirls of bread filled with oily goodness.

A more simple recipe is a ham filled roll. Spread your favourite mustard on the dough. Add some slow cooked onions, and cover with your favourite type of ham or other cured meat. A flavoursome alternative to a sandwich.

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