Roast Carrots
Roast Carrots

When you have tried a roast carrot, you may never want to cook carrots any other way. The roasting brings out their natural sweetness whilst their texture becomes soft and delicate.

Wrapping the carrots in silver foil allows them to roast and steam in their own juices at the same time. Excellent to accompany a Sunday lunch, or to enjoy as a snack or side dish to any meal.

You will need patience as roasting takes about seventy minutes, but the wait is worth it!

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Roast Carrots
How to roast carrots

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Once you have tried a roast carrot you may never want to cook carrots any other way. The roasting maximises their sweetness whilst softening them too. A real pleasure to eat.

The carrots need to be peeled, topped and tailed, chopped in half lengthways, and then cut up into small battons.

Line a baking tray with silver foil and pour in some oil – I like to use rape seed oil for its cooking qualities. Use a carrot to help spread the oil out over the baking sheet, and then add the carrots spacing them out across it.

I use silver foil cut to just over twice the length of the baking tray. This makes it easy to fold the foil back over the carrots, so the carrots both roast and steam covered by a pocket of foil.

The carrots need approximately seventy minutes in the oven, stirring once half way through. The wait is worth it!

When done, the carrots are gleaming, bronzed, and soft – they almost melt in the mouth. Serve them straight away, although they do heat up well in a microwave.

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