Roast Celeriac Chips
Roast Celeriac Chips

Celeriac is a delicious sweet tasting vegetable and is relatively low in calories compared to potato. Its flavour is reminiscent of celery and parsnip. Roast celeriac chips make a delicious alternative to potato chips.

It is quite easy to grow, but it also should be possible to buy celeriac all year round in supermarkets.

Celeriac will roast faster than normal potato chips. Celeriac chips need turning more frequently for even cooking and to avoid them blackening.

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Roast Celeriac Chips
How to make roast celeriac chips

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Cleaning the celeriac can be time consuming as the lower part of the body has many roots. The easiest way to clean is to cut all the roots off first, before peeling with a potato peeler.

Supermarkets often sell celeriac washed and without its roots. In this is the case, only the skin will need peeling.

Celeriac makes a sweeter tasting and lower calorie alternative to potato chips. The celeriac needs to be washed, topped, tailed, and peeled. The skin peels off relatively easily.

Slice into chunky chip width sections about one centimetre, or a little under half an inch wide, and place the chips on a roasting tray. Pour over the olive oil, and turn the chips over several times to ensure that they are well coated. Before roasting, sprinkle with salt according to taste – this really helps to bring out their flavour.

The celeriac chips need to be placed in a pre-heated oven set to 190 ºC and roasted for 40 minutes.

About every ten to fifteen minutes, remove from the oven to turn the chips. Turning prevents the skin of the celeriac blackening, as well as helping to ensure all the chips are cooked evenly.

The best way of telling if the celeriac chips are ready is to taste one. The ideal is for them to be crispy on the outside and soft and moist within.

Roast celeriac chips are delicious on their own, but they can be used to complement other dishes just like potato chips.

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