Roast Summer Squash
Roast Summer Squash

Summer squash is rarely seen in supermarkets, but is a more flavourful alternative to courgettes, and arguably better tasting than winter squash like butternut.

Often used to make wonderfully sweet tasting soups, summer squash tastes good enough to be enjoyed as a standalone side dish.

Sometimes simple recipes are the best. Roasted summer squash can be made for one, or laid out on a sharing platter for family and friends.

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Roast Summer Squash
Roasted Summer Squash

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Summer squash comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For this video I used a squash called sunburst that is bright orange and has a distinctive scallop shape.

When roasted, summer squash transforms into a delicious light and sweet side dish, a great tasting alternative to potato chips.

The squash is relatively easy to cut compared to winter squash like butternut. Start by topping and tailing with a sharp knife.

Inside the squash are seeds which can be scooped out with a dessert spoon. Cut away the skin – this can be done with a potato peeler. Next, cut the squash into strips and then into cubes. Thumbnail size cubes, or a little larger, are ideal.

Pour over your favourite roasting oil. I chose rape seed oil for this recipe, and season as you like with salt and pepper. Give it a good stir and space out the chunks before placing in the oven.

After half the cooking time, give the squash another good stir, checking that the oil is evenly applied over all the chunks to ensure even cooking.

The squash is done when a fork easily slides into the chunks. If they are still a little firm, return to the oven, as they are more delicious when soft.

The roasted squash is now ready for serving. They are excellent enjoyed on their own as a snack, or use them as a substitute for potato chips to accompany any meal.

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