Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This method for roasted Brussels sprouts may change your mind on how often to eat them. For the goodness they contain, sprouts deserve to be eaten more. However, their taste is not always popular around the dinner table.

Brussels sprouts are winter hardy vegetables. Their toughness likely originates from being packed full of nutrients.

This method for cooking sprouts may help. In my view, roasting sprouts considerably enhances their flavour, and helps mitigate the strength of their distinctive aftertaste.

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Roast Brussels Sprouts
How to roast brussels sprouts.

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Winter hardy Brussels sprouts are highly nutritious and in season at a time when little else is, they deserve to be eaten more, and probably would be, if they tasted better!

This method for cooking sprouts may change your mind on how often to eat them. Roasting softens the sprouts, sweetens them, and best of all considerably reduces the aftertaste that puts many people off.

The method is simple. Chop off the ends where the sprout previously attached to the plant, and remove the darker coloured outer leaves. This takes a little time but is definitely worth doing.

Take a roasting dish and line it with foil. Use enough foil to be able to wrap over the top of the sprouts. Spread some rapeseed oil over the base of the foil to prevent sticking, add the sprouts, and completely cover with the foil.

The foil plays an important role. It stops the sprouts drying out which can cause them to blacken, whilst they also cook in their own steam.

Cook for an hour in an oven. If you turn them or check on them during cooking, make sure to thoroughly rewrap the sprouts in the foil to keep the moisture in.

When the sprouts come out of the oven, they should have yellowed and be soft to a fork.

Hopefully like me, your opinion of sprouts will be transformed for the better!

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