Allotment Starter Guides

Allotment Starter Guides


Starter Guides

Starting An Allotment Plot

A step by step guide on how to begin work on a plot, and practical tips for a first time allotment holder to reduce work and increase enjoyment.

Essential Allotment Tools

A guide on essential allotment tools and equipment, introducing what tools are needed and how much these are likely to cost.

Allotment Planting Design

An introduction to allotment layout and grouping plants to grow together, the benefits of crop rotation, creating paths, and how a good layout can reduce work.

Allotment Sheds

A guide reviewing the range of allotment sheds available, things to consider when choosing a shed, and different methods for making a shed base.

Compost & Fertilisers

An introduction to composting at home and on an allotment, what to compost, how to use compost, and other sources of organic fertilisers to feed a plot.

Does Allotmenting Save Money?

Is it possible to save money by having an allotment? This article considers the start up and ongoing costs of having an allotment, versus the money a plot holder can save.

Best Money Saving Vegetables

A selection of the top 10 vegetables to grow to save money, based on the likelihood of achieving a good harvest, and their contribution to family meals.