Darlac Electronic Water Timer

darlac water timer in packaging
darlac water timer in packaging


The Darlac Electronic Water Timer controls the flow of water through a drip irrigation system. Excellent for when a gardener goes away on holiday, or simply to save time.

Watering at an allotment can be very time consuming. By installing a drip irrigation system at home for flower beds and borders, it enables more time to spent on the plot!

Unlike other timers, the Darlac water timer can be used on both outside taps and water butts. I decided to test it at home using an outside tap, as I needed a second timer to better control the flow of water through a drip irrigation system.

See my video below, or read on to find out more.

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How To Use The Garlic Electronic Water Timer

The two dials on the front water timer enable you to set the watering frequency and also the duration of watering.

It is possible to buy the timer as a standalone, without other accessories like hose or drippers. The timer needs two 3A batteries that I needed to buy separately.

The face of the dial is protected by a plastic shield that stops water ingress. By pressing down on a panel on the front of the unit it is possible to access the battery compartment, and after that it is a straightforward task to put inside the batteries.

An interesting feature of the Darlac electronic timer compared to other timers on the market is that it can be used with water butts and does not require mains water pressure.

The timer connects on any outside tap that has a screw thread. There are two nuts that need to be tightened up. One nut screws on to the thread of the tap itself, and another nut screws onto the top of the timer unit.

There are plastic washers inside that enables a secure water tight connection.

Setting the Watering Frequency

close up of darlac electronic water timer

Setting the watering frequency on the Darlac Electronic Water Timer is relatively straightforward. There are two dials on the control unit. One dial on the left sets the frequency of watering. And the second dial on the right sets the duration.

It is possible to set the frequency of watering from a few times a day to a few times a week, and the duration of watering from a few minutes up to a 120 minutes.

The dial that sets the duration of watering also allows the unit to be switch on constantly, or completely off.

There is also a low battery light which flashes on the front of the device.

I found it helpful to apply some grease to help push the hose onto the fitting at the base of the timer. Washing up liquid will also do.

Attaching the timer to the tap was relatively straightforward. The instruction manual advises not to over tighten the fittings.

From experience, it is worth checking the water tightness of the connections above the timer, because any leak can cause water to drip onto the unit itself and potentially cause it damage.

The dial that allows water to run continuously is an excellent way of checking the set up, and that individual dripper is working correctly.

Only time will tell how long the timer will last, but it does have a one year manufacturer’s warranty, and in the hand it feels to be fairly well made.

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