Drinks Recipes

Making Continental Coffees

With espresso and frothed milk it is possible to make nearly all types of continental coffee, what changes are the proportions of the ingredients. Our guide covers cappuccino, latte, flat white, macchiato, and americano.

Moka Pot Espresso Making

A moka pot is used by people across continental Europe to make espresso coffee. Simply add milk to the delicious tasting espresso to create capucciono and latte coffees.

Milk Frothing

Continental coffees like cappuccino and latte require frothed milk and hot milk. An electric frother takes the bother away from milk preparation allowing you to enjoy the fun of creating continental coffees.

Juicers & Blenders

Juicers and blenders are essential equipment for making smoothies at home. Juicers are able to extract juice from even hard vegetables like beetroot and carrots, whilst blenders create scrumptious drinks using whole fruit.

Yoghurt Based Smoothies

Yoghurt based smoothies are very quick to make, ideal for breakfast or for a nourishing snack during the day. We show three examples, and the method can easily be adapted to create your own favourite drink.

Vegetable Smoothies

A vegetable smoothie is a fast and convenient way of getting the nutrients of vegetables without needing to cook. Our method uses a juicer and a blender to create a light refreshing drink.

Ice Fruit Smoothies

Ice fruit smoothies taste delicious – really DELICIOUS! They are very quick to prepare and require no ice as they use frozen fruit. An excellent way of preserving and using up a bumper crop of home grown fruit, or simply buy frozen fruit from supermarkets.

Luscious Mocha Latte

Luscious mocha latte is a rich indulgent treat combining dark espresso coffee with chocolate, milk, and cream.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee seems to be the forgotten coffee with the advent of the cappuccino and latte era. Yet there is arguably very few better ways to finish a meal than with this sweet, rich and creamy drink.

Mulled Wine

Containing spices from the Far East, fruit from the Mediterranean, and imported wine, mulled wine combines globally sourced ingredients into a warming, richly flavoured drink associated with the Christmas period.

Strawberry Milkshake

Great for children and adults, a strawberry milkshake provides the goodness of strawberries with a delicious and refreshing drink. It contains the same amount of strawberries as a normal serving of fresh strawberries.