Growing Guides

Growing Guides

Growing Guides

Allotment Starter Guides

An introduction to starting an allotment for the first time plot holder, covering how to control a new plot, essential tools, planting design, sheds, and composting.

Vegetable Growing Guides

A selection of growing guides for commonly grown vegetables. The guides include information of when to plant, how to care for, harvest time, and ways to store.

Fruit Growing Guides

Growing fruit can be less work than growing vegetables. The guides cover preparing the ground, planting and care, pruning and training, and when to harvest.

Polytunnel Growing

A polytunnel can cost several hundred pounds, but they can make a big difference to what a gardener can grow, and deliver much better results for many heat loving plants.

Equipment & Techniques

Articles on allotment equipment and growing methods that save effort and improve results. Topics include germination, no-dig beds, netting, and watering.