Blackberry Varieties

Blackberry Varieties

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About Blackberry Varieties

Wild blackberries are not hard to find around my allotment and village, which is not uncommon, and for this reason it can seem strange to dedicate growing space to them. However, cultivated blackberries grown in rich soil are larger and tastier, and just as hardy as their wild counterparts.

Blackberries love to spread, and are hard to remove, driving their roots deep into the soil. I learned this the hard way, when I cleared my first allotment plot that was covered in blackberry bushes. If you have a large garden this is not a problem. If not, it is best to know in advance that you will need to keep a close eye on your blackberry canes so that they do not overwhelm your garden, or allotment plot.

Modern varieties of blackberry provide a choice of flowering and fruiting season:

  • Early season
  • Mid season
  • Late season

The start and length of the fruiting season depends upon the variety.

Blackberries vary significantly in taste. Some blackberry varieties produce acidic fruit, especially when not fully ripe, and are best cooked in desserts or made into jam. Others are sweet and can be enjoyed eaten fresh.

You may prefer to grow spineless varieties. These provide a more pleasant experience when picking the fruit, and also when pruning and removing unwanted growth.