Loganberry Varieties

Loganberry Varieties

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About Loganberry Varieties

There is seldom a range of loganberry varieties to purchase in shops. Typically, a shop will stock one variety. For more choice, you may like to consider planting a loganberry alongside other cane fruit including blackberries, boysenberries, tayberries, and raspberries.

Like tayberries, loganberries are a cross between blackberry and raspberry. Loganberry feels closer to a blackberry plant than does tayberry. The loganberry plant on my plot has terrific spines (you may want to search for the spineless variety LY654) and the canes grow out in rainbow arcs than I tie down to horizontal wire supports. The plant is hardy, reliably produces fruit every year, and does not seem to attract the birds.

For my palette, I prefer the taste of tayberries (that also seem a little larger), but both tayberries and loganberries are at their best cooked or turned into jam.