Rhubarb Varieties

Rhubarb Varieties

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About Rhubarb Varieties

Please note that only the stems are eaten. The leaves are poisonous.

There is often not a great variety of rhubarb crowns to choose from in the shops, but if you can find them, rhubarb does come in different colours. Some varieties have red stems, others are predominantly green.

Although there are some differences in timing, nearly all rhubarb is harvested between April and June. Forcing rhubarb by covering with a big pot can bring an earlier harvest of sweeter stems. There is at least one variety of rhubarb bred for all season long harvesting, whereas normally rhubarb is not harvested after June to allow the plant to recover.

There are differences in tartness and stem length between different varieties. You may find someone who is already growing rhubarb and is happy to dig up and divide the rhubarb they have (especially in late autumn when the plant is dormant). You can start your own rhubarb plant with this. Even better if this person can provide you a sample to taste!