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Lavender is very easy to grow, and the plants can be propagated by taking two inch cuttings of lavender sprigs and pushing these down into fresh soil. This is worth doing every two or three years as lavender grows towards the sun, and old plants can become increasing large and woody (covering up neighbouring plants or pathways).

Lavender is grown for its pretty and fragrant flowers, typically purple in colour, but can be white or pink. These are loved by bees, and make excellent cuttings for hanging in rooms or pot pourri for their scent. There are many types of lavender, and lavender is often classified into English and French types. English types are generally more hardy and suitable for growing outside, whilst French types like warmth and will need extra care in winter to avoid being damaged by cold weather (grow in pots and move to a greenhouse or polytunnel during winter).


Class: Perennial
Size: Regular
Hybrid: No
Planting: Generally bought as plants or propagated by cuttings in spring and summer.
Harvesting: June-September

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