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Sage is a strong tasting herb commonly used as a key ingredient in stuffing and for flavouring meat like sausages. The plant is also capable of producing a stunning display of blue purple flowers that are loved by bees and butterflies. There are many varieties available, from the commonly grown green leaved varieties to those with purple leaves. The plants grow quite tall between 50 centimetres and a metre, and they spread an equal amount too. With their colourful display of flowers, they make an ideal ornamental plant for a border, with the added advantage of culinary use.

Sage can be grown from seed in the spring, and is widely available to buy from garden centres. Sage is a hardy plant, but the plant will grow best in a sunny and warm corner of a garden.


Class: Perennial
Size: Regular
Hybrid: No
Planting: March-May (from seed)
Harvesting: May-November

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