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Thyme is a herb that loves the sun and thrives in a well drained soil. It is a relatively small plant and is ideal for growing in pots on a patio or windowsill, where the plant provides both its highly aromatic and strong flavoured leaves for cooking, but also a beautiful display of colour when in flower (and they are edible). Thyme complements cooked vegetables, soups, stuffing, and casseroles. Thyme varieties include common thyme, lemon thyme, and orange thyme.

Thyme is commonly sold in garden centres, but will grow well from seed. The seed is planted in spring either outside when the weather warms, or earlier indoors. Thyme does less well in heavy soils, and if this is the case, it is better to grow in pots.


Class: Perennial
Size: Regular
Hybrid: No
Planting: February-May
Harvesting: Al year round

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