Garlic Varieties

Garlic Varieties

Read an introduction to garlic varieties here.

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Extra Early Wight

A large bulbous white garlic that overwinters well even in cold winters. Holds its shape well during frying for crispy garlic.

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Class: Hardneck
Size: Regular
Hybrid: No
Planting: September-December
Harvesting: May-June

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Extra Early Wight

About Garlic Varieties

Garlic varieties can be considered to fall into one of three types:

  • Hardneck varieties
    These varieties produce a flower stem or ‘scape’ in late spring that can be picked and eaten, before the plant goes on to produce garlic bulbs. The bulbs tend to be large, but commonly do not store as well as soft necked varieties.
  • Softneck varieties
    Softneck garlic varieties typically produce smaller bulbs than hardneck varieties, and do not develop a scape. The big advantage of softneck varieties is their storage ability. If hung, dried, and kept in cool (not cold) dry conditions they can store for many months.
  • Elephant garlic
    A garlic that is a member of the onion family but more closely related to a leak. From personal experience I can vouch that it is delicious baked in the oven, when it can be squeezed out from the skin and spread like butter.