Shallot Varieties

Shallot Varieties

Read an introduction to shallot varieties here.

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Golden Gourmet

A shallot suitable for planting in late winter or early spring. Produces a large crop of medium sized yellow shallots that store well. Good flavour.

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Class: Sets
Size: Round
Hybrid: No
Planting: February March
Harvesting: June-August

For growing advice see how to grow onions.

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Golden Gourmet

About Shallot Varieties

Shallots are very similar to onions and come in different shapes and colours, but there are some differences:

  • An individual shallot set will mature into a bunch of shallots, where as an individual onion set will produce a single mature onion
  • Shallots are typically smaller than onions
  • Shallots are not as hardy as onions and are planted slightly later in spring (but this varies on the variety) and are not overwintered
  • Shallots may have more disease resistance than onions
  • Shallots have a sweet taste that complements salads or hot dishes, and have excellent storage properties to keep through the winter