Plastic Sheds & Plastic Storage Sheds

Plastic sheds have proven popular as small outside storage solutions. They are easy to put together, lightweight, waterproof, and maintenance free. They can be attractive to look at, and with attractive prices too. It is not uncommon to find practical storage solutions between £75 – £200.

Plastic Storage Shed

However, there is more to plastic sheds than simply being used for extra storage. It is possible to buy full size plastic sheds that come with a long guarantee. Plastic as a material can be very durable, and provides a fully waterproof low maintenance solution.

In our guide we look at buying considerations for both plastic storage sheds and full size plastic sheds.

Plastic Storage Sheds

Plastic storage sheds have the following benefits:

  • Occupy Little Space
    Compared to a full size shed, plastic storage sheds are ideal for fitting into small spaces. They come in a range of widths, depths, and heights to fit most storage areas.
  • Quick To Assemble
    Speed is in the hands of the assembler(!), but compared to traditional sheds there are less pieces, and a plastic storage shed is mostly clicked together.
  • Waterproof
    Plastic is impermeable, so plastic storage sheds are very effective at keeping their contents dry.
  • Frost Proof
    Plastic is resistant to damage from the cold, freezing snow and ice.
  • Maintenance Free
    There is no need to splash a preservation treatment over a plastic storage shed.
  • No Special Base Or Shed Frame
    As long as the spot where you will place the plastic storage shed is flat, there is no need to create the type of base you need to put down for a wood or metal shed.

Full Size Plastic Sheds

Many of the advantages of plastic storage sheds also apply to full size plastic sheds. In addition:

  • Shed Base
    Plastic sheds will need to be situated on a flat surface. However, unlike wood which can absorb moisture, and metal that can rust, a plastic shed often comes with a plastic floor. This makes preparing the shed base easier, as there is no need to raise the shed off the floor to allow air to circulate beneath.
  • Speed Of Assembly
    The shed panels are typically clicked and bolted together. Overall speed of assembly is often quicker than for comparable wood and metal sheds.
  • Maintenance Free
    A good quality plastic shed will have UV resistance (so will not be damaged by the sun), and is fully waterproof. Compared to wood, there is no need to apply protective stains or varnish, whilst metal sheds can experience condensation and rust. By comparison, plastic sheds require less maintenance.

Plastic Shed Buying Considerations

There are some buying considerations to be aware of in comparison to wood and metal sheds:

  • Security
    Most plastic storage sheds are lockable – at least if you purchase a separate padlock. However, it is worth checking the degree of force needed to break the lock or force open the door. In addition, plastic can be difficult to repair, so replacement parts may be required if it is broken into.
  • Strength
    Plastic sheds offer low maintenance solutions and good resistance against cold and wet weather. Perhaps their biggest weakness is against the wind. Plastic as a material is relatively light, and if a shed has been clipped together, it can suffer from either being blown over or blown apart. A well designed plastic shed is strongly built, and firmly attached to the ground.
  • Storage Space
    Plastic storage sheds are often bought for convenience, and small storage sheds are ideal for fitting into small spaces. Nevertheless, it is worth considering whether a plastic storage shed will provide sufficient storage space for all your requirements. If you have space, a larger storage solution may be a better option.
  • Door Opening On Plastic Storage Sheds
    On a rainy day it is handy for the doors to open from the front (rather than from the top) as this helps to keep the contents inside the storage shed dry.  A second advantage is that you do not need to lift things up and down to store them, but simply open the front doors or slide items in.