About Puncture Proof Wheelbarrow Tyres

Puncture proof wheelbarrow tyres, also called solid wheelbarrow tyres, are not well known about, at least in this country.

puncture proof-wheelbarrow-tyres

In many developing nations they are common. After all, a pneumatic tyre requires three elements: a tyre, an inner tube and a pump. A puncture proof wheelbarrow tyre only has one element, itself.

Puncture proof wheelbarrow tyres are maintenance free – once they are fitted, that’s it. With solid wheelbarrow tyres there is no dreaded ‘clunk,clunk,clunk’ of a flat tyre, or the heavy sensation of a tyre than needs to be pumped up. Who enjoys changing a muddy wheelbarrow tyre?

There may be some advantages of pneumatic tyres for very heavy weights, but for the majority of everyday uses solid wheelbarrow tyres are more than good enough. After all, a garden wheelbarrow is about strength and reliability, and that’s what solid wheelbarrow tyres provide.

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Features of Puncture Proof Wheelbarrow Tyres

Solid wheelbarrow tyres are not all the same! Here are some of the differences:

  • The diameter of the wheel
    Wheelbarrows use different sized wheels – and so solid wheelbarrow tyres come in different sizes. Buy the wrong one, and your wheelbarrow will not stand level when flat, or could be more unstable when you push it. The tyre dimensions are commonly written on the side wall of the tyre, so check your existing wheelbarrow tyre before purchasing. The fittings are pretty universal. Most wheelbarrows use the following sizes: 10″, 12″, 14″.
  • The thickness of the tyre
    Solid wheelbarrow tyres come in different widths, but nearly all widths should fit any wheelbarrow. The difference is that the thicker the tyre the less likely it is to cut into the mud and the more stable it is likely to be. The best solid wheelbarrow tyres are therefore thicker, and a little more expensive, but as the tyre is likely to last longer than your wheelbarrow it may be a good investment.
  • The tread on the tyre
    Wheelbarrows are used in the wet and mud. The best solid wheelbarrow tyres have a good thick tread on them.