Water Butt Accessories

Water Butt Accessories

No outside tap? Want to save water? Think water butts!

Water butt accessories

Even when hose pipe bans are unlikely, water butts can help the keen gardener feel better and less guilty about using so much water to take care of their garden. See my page on allotment watering tips.

You may need to use several water butts to store water for a polytunnel or large plot – see our Water Butt Size Calculator as a guide – but even a single water butt is great for containers and plant pots, whether at home or at the allotment.

Water Butt Accessories

Most water butts come with the accessories needed to fit them to a drain pipe, namely a water butt connector kit and a tap. You may also like to see this page on how to fit shed guttering.

Connecting shed guttering to water butts

The really good news for the water butt enthusiast is that there is a wide range of accessories that can really help make the full use of the stored water, saving the keen gardener considerable time and effort.

Drain Pipe Rain Diverters

An essential piece of kit if installing a water butt to be filled by a drain pipe. Before purchasing, ensure that the kit matches the diameter of the drain pipe that you will be connecting to. Plastic downpipes are easier to connect to because it is easier to saw into the pipe to install the kit. The kit needs to be installed at the correct height so that it fills the water butt, but when the butt is full, new rain diverts down the drain pipe rather than cause the butt to overfill and spill from its top.

Water Butt Connectors

What can be better than a water butt? Answer: two water butts, or even three!

Water butt connectors can help a gardener create a whole water butt family, great for a keen gardener and allowing the set of water butts to share one drain pipe.

Water Butt Timer

It is possible to install a battery powered timer to a water butt tap. The timer opens and closes the flow of water through the tap to allow automatic watering to your desired schedule. This is ideal for use with a drip irrigation system, something that can save a gardener a considerable amount of time. It is important to check that the timer is capable of working with a low pressure system such as a water butt (rather than a mains pressure outside tap).

See my review of the Darlac Electronic Water Timer.

Water Butt Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system takes the effort out of watering. For an allotment, you may need to connect several water butts together to create a big enough reservoir to water the plot. A single water butt can be invaluable to keep pots and container plants alive when you go away for the weekend or on a longer holiday.

Irrigatia make a range of solar powered drip irrigation systems ideal for water butts – click to read my polytunnel watering guide.

Water Butt Pump

Powered by electricity, a water butt pump can be dropped into a water butt with a hose attached to it. The pump then powers water up the hose to create a powerful jet that can be used around the garden. A neat trick, but you may find that the water butt soon empties!

Water Butt Cleaner

Water butts can become smelly if left in bright sunlight or when organic matter falls into them. Water butt cleaner is one solution. You may like to see this page on smelly water butts.