What Can You Grow In A Plastic Greenhouse

Plastic greenhouses or growhouses are not as durable as glass greenhouses, and unlike glass greenhouses, are not really suitable for internal heat sources.


Nevertheless, plastic greenhouses are significantly cheaper, more portable, and easier to set up than traditional greenhouses. They also serve much the same purpose in terms of lengthening the growing season – allowing you to start growing earlier and harvest crops later.

This post provides a quick reference guide for what you can grow in a plastic greenhouse. You may also like to see my page on plastic greenhouses.

Idea list for what to grow in a plastic greenhouse

A plastic greenhouse is good for these jobs:

  • Germinating seedlings
    (all types from early spring – but follow the recommended instructions on the packet – some may be more successful on a sunny windowsill)
  • Growing on seedlings / hardening off
    (all types – from early spring)
  • Growing heat loving plants to maturity / fruiting
    (providing bigger, earlier, and more reliable crops)

Plastic greenhouses will help the growth of heat loving plants. These are listed below. Click on a plant name to find varieties to grow.

If you have a large conservatory, shed or utility room where you can store plants over winter, many more types of fruit become possible to grow including grapes, kiwi etc. I have not included these in the ‘What to grow in a plastic greenhouse‘ list because plastic greenhouses are less durable than traditional greenhouses, and I prefer to take mine down in the winter to protect it.