Allotment Planner & Record Keeper


Allotment Planner & Record Keeper

The Allotment Planner & Record Keeper is designed to help fruit and vegetable gardeners plan and record their growing successes. It contains everything I think is important to create an annual growing plan:

  • Squared paper to draw and record planting positions
  • Key growing reference guides to stop needing to constantly look things up in books
  • Month by month jobs with checklists
  • Somewhere to record all the fruit and vegetables grown each year – and how they perform

The Allotment Planner & Record Keeper is currently only available as a digital download. Suitable for purchase all year round.

My First Allotment Plan

On my allotment, I found myself going through the same process each year:

  • Trying to work out what we wanted to grow, and where to grow it
  • Trying to remember where we grew vegetables the year before
  • Trying to remember which varieties grew well, and what did not, over previous years

Inevitably, I reached for pen and paper, and pulled out the reference books I have at home. The output was my annual allotment plan .


Each year I always wished I had kept my scribbled notes from the year before. Then I thought, how about not only keeping my allotment notes, but also turning this into something that would be useful for other people too?

Full Product Details

Suitable for purchase all year round.

  • Introduction to using the product
  • Fruit & vegetable performance records (for three years)
  • Fruit & vegetable planting charts (for three years)
    Squared paper for self completion – including one A3 sized area for drawing your main plot, and an A4 spaced area for an additional plot.
  • Fruit & vegetable growing checklists (for three years)
    Allows the creation of a yearly list of all the fruit and vegetables a gardener would like to grow.
  • Month by month jobs including checklists of tasks
  • Quick reference guides on growing fruit and vegetables (11 pages total)
    – Example Plot Layouts
    – Crop Rotation Guide
    – Introduction To Vitamins & Minerals
    – Vegetable Nutrition Guide
    – Fruit Nutrition Guide
    – Vegetable Planting Guide
    – Vegetable Sowing Guide
    – Vegetable Harvesting Guide
    – Fruit Planting & Harvesting
    – Fruit Training Guide
    – Herb Planting & Harvesting
  • For ease of use, all content is in loose leaf format contained within a printed A4 folder (see product photos)

The digital version is not an editable document. It is designed to be printed off – I think it is much easier to work that way given the creative nature of the process and all the information that needs to be considered. I have tried to keep to a minimum the amount of paper that needs to be printed off, and the amount of ink used, ie no photos of fruit and vegetables – we all know what they look like!